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Patience and Focus!

I really appreciate Dr Harneet for taking the extra time for my assessment. Initially, because, at the surface, I didn’t show “impairments” in my education/job, I was considered only having some ADHD symptoms but not enough for the diagnosis. However, since I mentioned that I was giving my all “at my limit” to maintain my work, and I wondered if I could have a better life without these symptoms, Dr Harneet decided to give me another appointment for a deeper assessment. I am thankful for this because, after 2 weeks of medications, I realised that I did need help. I didn’t know that patience and focus could come so effortlessly since I always thought I was a fairly patient person who could focus when needed, but it turns out that it took a lot of energy for me to manage these. Now, with medications, I can do my work better and more easily. Before, after a few hours of work, I would be very drained, and that’s the end of my day’s activity. Now, because I need less energy to focus and manage my work, I feel like I have gained some extra hours for my life where I can be “awake” and productive doing my hobbies or house chores. It also helps me avoid binge eating (mostly unhealthy food), which I used to do for extra stimulation or when I was just bored or needed comfort food after being drained. There might be others like me who go undiagnosed because they mask their situation really well that they did not even realise there could be a better way to live. I’m glad Dr Harneet is helping people like me. Thank you.