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child/Adolescent ADHD

At Harley Mind Care, we have Senior Consultant Psychiatrists who help you understand the signs and symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents (under 18) and get proper intervention for improved well-being.

Childhood/Adolescent Adhd

Common Child/Adolescent ADHD symptoms include difficulty focusing, impulsivity, disorganisation, restlessness, and forgetfulness, affecting daily tasks and relationships.




Our Approach To Treating
Child/Adolescent ADHD

At Harley Mind Care, our senior consultant Psychiatrists offer a comprehensive and compassionate approach for Children/Adolescents with ADHD. We provide personalised assessments, evidence-based treatments, and medication management. Our goal is to help you effectively manage symptoms and improve your quality of life with ongoing support and tailored care.

Our Services

At Harley Mind Care, we provide specialised ADHD services for children/adolescents, offering thorough assessments, personalised treatments, and medication management to improve your quality of life.

Diagnostic evaluation