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My son and I trust her implicitly!

Dr Gandluru is Kind , compassionate, empathetic and very knowledgeable on a whole range of neurodevelopmental conditions and needs , she always has the right words and practical advice to aid in any difficult situation.  My son and I trust her implicitly with his care, treatments and recommendations.  My son does not trust and open up easily and can find interaction with health professionals difficult and mask however this is not the case with her she sees the real child due to her exceptional  interpersonal skills with young  people and their parents. Dr Gandluru listens and involves my son and I in all aspects of treatment options, she is holistic.  Dr Gandluru is a Dr that really cares and is passionate that’s what sets her apart from other Drs and professionals. Thank you for everything Dr Gandluru we wouldn’t be where we are without all that you have supported us with