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What is the overall cost of a Virtual Child/Adolescent ADHD Assessment?

1A virtual Child/Adolescent ADHD assessment

1. This includes a full report, including diagnosis and treatment plan.

2. The first free medication prescription.

3. A free Shared Care Agreement with your GP (if required).
£1,24560-90 Mins
2Following diagnosis, medication titration involves follow-up consultations costing.

£150 – £325 per 15-minute session.

Titration can last between 8 and 12 weeks and potentially require multiple visits,

depending on your response. to the medication. Our goal is to complete this

process as quickly and safely as possible.
£150 – £32515 Mins
3ADHD medication, being a controlled substance, requires a monthly prescription.

If the patient isn’t transferred to the NHS under a shared care agreement, there

will be an approximate monthly cost of £45 per repeat prescription.

per month
4According to the NICE guidelines, the treatment response for all ADHD drugs

should be reviewed every 6 months at £590 per 30-minute session.

(This review includes a comprehensive assessment of clinical needs, benefits,

and side effects, taking into account the views of the patient and carers,

the effect of missed doses, planned dose reductions, and brief periods of no treatment.)

every 6 Months
30 mins

Once you have subscribed to our secure portal at Harley Mind Care, you will have access for life. We will provide the following services.

NoTypePatient Portal Lifetime benefits
1Patient PortalYou will have access to view and upload documents, billing activity, reports, and

Educational resources (see below)
2Automated RemindersWe will send out automated reminders for appointments, questionnaires, and

6-monthly reviews.
3Educational ResourcesWe will upload educational videos on managing ADHD and pamphlets to assist

you in things like monitoring your blood pressure and other health-related matters.
4CommunicationsPortal, Email, Telephone, WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger.