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What can I expect after my assessment?

1If medication is indicated, your prescription will be dispatched to an online pharmacy. Rest assured that our clinic has no financial incentives tied to your medication purchases.
2You’ll schedule follow-up virtual meetings as agreed upon with your psychiatrist.
3Feel free to message your provider whenever needed.

Once you have subscribed to our secure portal at Harley Mind Care, you will have access for life. We will provide the following services.

NoTypePatient Portal Lifetime benefits
1Patient PortalYou will have access to view and upload documents, billing activity, reports, and Educational resources (see below)
2Automated RemindersWe will send out automated reminders for appointments, questionnaires, and 6-monthly reviews.
3Educational ResourcesWe will upload educational videos on managing ADHD and pamphlets to assist you in things like monitoring your blood pressure and other health-related matters.
4CommunicationsPortal, Email, Telephone, WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger.