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Dr Harneet Hundal

Dr Harneet Hundal can help with:

Assessment, Treatment, Management, Mood
Disorders, Anxiety Disorders OCD, PTSD, Psychotic disorders, Personality disorder,
Neurodevelopmental conditions, Substance
misuse, Health inequalities, Expert witness,
Psychiatric reports.

Dr Harneet Hundal offers

Clinical assessments, management, health promotion, lifestyle medicine and well-being.

Dr Harneet Hundal is qualified to work with

Adult 18+, Couples, Families, Groups, Older Teenagers 17,  UK clients

Dr Harneet Hundal Qualifications


Dr Harneet Hundal - Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Harneet Hundal is a Senior Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist with 20 years
of experience in psychiatry, including 11 years at the consultant level in the National Health Service. She has ADHD herself and is a mother of a son diagnosed with ADHD. Dr. Hundal has extensive experience in various clinical settings, including secure inpatient services, prison, liaison and diversion, and community services. Her particular interest areas are forensic and community psychiatry.

Currently, she holds positions at Oxleas NHS FT, where she serves in leadership
roles such as Clinical Director for the Forensic Service, consultant lead for
Forensic Community Service and consultant lead for Liaison and Diversion
service. She is highly skilled in the assessment, treatment, and management of
mental health disorders, with expertise in mood disorders, anxiety disorders,
psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and neurodevelopmental conditions.
Dr. Hundal is dedicated to promoting health and well-being, particularly
addressing health inequalities faced by individuals with mental disorders. She
has led Quality Improvement projects to establish physical well-being clinics
and promote positive lifestyle choices. Additionally, she has experience as an
expert witness, providing psychiatric reports and oral evidence in legal

Meet Dr Harneet Hundal

This decision has been life-changing!
Our son was having difficulties at school with work and concentration, and It was suggested that he may have ADHD. After weeks of wasted time and energy trying to get an NHS appointment for my son, I decided to go private. This truly was a wise decision for my son. From the outset, the Practice Manager was amazing in helping arrange an appointment with Dr Geetha Gandluru. The manager made the whole process seamless, and Dr Gandluru is caring, empathetic and truly an expert in what she does. We will always be grateful for the care and attention Harley Mind Care has given us. I can say with confidence this decision has been life-changing for my son, who is now looking for a career in Accountancy.
15th July 2024 / Verified
Dr was very easy to speak to!
Dr was very easy to speak to, found the process very straight forward. The practice manager was extremely helpful messaging me at out of hours times which I was surprised about. Would highly recommend the service for ASD assessment.
Elizabeth L
22nd Jun 2024 / Verified
Professional service from start to finish
Very competent, professional service from start to finish. Communication was excellent. No issues whatsoever.
Joseph L
10th Jun 2024 / Verified
We do not want to “lose” you
Dear Dr Hundal, It was a real pleasure to meet you on the screen and thank you for your time and good discussion. We thought of our discussion and wanted to raise a few points: - we trust you and want to follow your advice. We liked your methodical, thorough and caring approach - treating a patient with the dignity they deserve as a human being - as well as exploring all avenues to try and find out the origin of the problem. -  we are willing to pay for the services of a psychotherapist or other professionals that you deem necessary. - the most important thing for us is to have you lead the case. In very simple terms, we do not want to "lose" you :)))) Thank you, again!
22nd May 2024 / Verified
Feel very comfortable
Dr Geetha Gandluru has been very professional and made us all feel very comfortable talking to her and she is a great listener too. Nothing to complain about. The session went very well.
Susane O
20th May 2024 / Verified
Very informative, patient and professional
Very informative, patient and professional
Benjamin R
13th May 2024 / Verified
My son and I trust her implicitly!
Dr Gandluru is Kind , compassionate, empathetic and very knowledgeable on a whole range of neurodevelopmental conditions and needs , she always has the right words and practical advice to aid in any difficult situation.  My son and I trust her implicitly with his care, treatments and recommendations.  My son does not trust and open up easily and can find interaction with health professionals difficult and mask however this is not the case with her she sees the real child due to her exceptional  interpersonal skills with young  people and their parents. Dr Gandluru listens and involves my son and I in all aspects of treatment options, she is holistic.  Dr Gandluru is a Dr that really cares and is passionate that's what sets her apart from other Drs and professionals. Thank you for everything Dr Gandluru we wouldn't be where we are without all that you have supported us with
Amanda S & Kobie G
8th May 2024 / Verified
Very Experienced
I really appreciated that Dr. Hundal took the time to listen to me, even going over the allotted time on my appointment to make sure I felt heard. Dr. Hundal is clearly very experienced and was such a reassuring presence throughout the appointment, despite me being a bit nervous beforehand. I also appreciate that she shared information about treatment besides medication, and was so supportive of whatever path I chose to take.
Kari H
8th May 2024 / Verified
Inspired my son’s trust!
Dr Gandluru has inspired my son’s trust with her easy warmth and calm approach. She has really listened to him, without judgement, and shown that she really wants to understand the world as he sees it. She has offered him a different way of looking at things, and ways to navigate through his deepest fears and anxieties, a safe place fo